Samuel Ideh

Programs Manager-Warri

The role of the youths in nation building is too relevant to be jettisoned, as they serve as the back-bone of a society. They can make or mar a nation based on what is programmed in them. The task of

Tina Agidi

Corporate Manager Admin & Finance

Quite some years, unemployment has been the major problems to Nigerian Graduates meanwhile, the main reason we attend school is to gain the skills and education needed to live autonomously and successfully. School also teaches us social skills we will

Olasupo Olatoke

ICT Administrator

What is really wrong with Nigeria electioneering process is the wheel to be on power at all cost not minding the interest of the masses, every political party that is on power want to retain power for their selfish interest,

Rita Ehimen

Corporate Communication Manager

Leadership and followership are very essential factors for sustainable development and achievement of any Nation, Leadership and followership is also universal challenge to all nations, States, LGAs, organizations, business and families, Groups as the case may be. Some countries have

Ovuodo Ayebatari-Gow


Gender discrimination in Africa is as old as man itself especially with various traditional believes following the long-drawn-out national struggles which have limited the national development in a country such as Nigeria although not all men engage in gender discrimination.