2021 World Environment Day: CEPEJ evaluate trees planted in communities across Nigeria

2021 World Environment Day: CEPEJ evaluate trees planted in communities across Nigeria to commemorate 2021 World Environment Day.

Center for Peace and Environmental Justice- CEPEJ, a leading NGO based in Nigeria, working for the restoration and sustainability of the environment, under the direction of Chief (Comrade) Sheriff Mulade the National Coordinator, embarked on a week-long monitoring and evaluation of trees planted by the organization to sustain the environment from degradation back in 2017 till date, to celebrate and commemorate this year’s World Environment Day, with the Theme: “Ecosystem Restoration”.

The tress that were planted by CEPEJ ranges from cash crops to fruit trees, Health to economic trees including shade and erosion control / prevention trees in vulnerable communities across the country in commemoration of previous world environment days.

In celebration of the 2017 world environment day, CEPEJ visited and planted over 80 coconut trees in Kokodiagbene community, a riverine community in Warri South West LGA, Delta State. While in 2020, CEPEJ visited and planted over 120 shade, health, fruit and economic trees in Oghior and Byazhin communities in Delta State and FCT Abuja respectively to commemorate the day. The trees planted includes, orange, mango, guava, moringa, coconut and different types of shade trees.

The benefits and Purpose of tree planting to communities is for the conservation of the environment and save the ecosystem as well as provide shore protection to the riverine communities, erosion control, economic gains and restoration of the trees in the community.

Members of the communities visited expressed appreciation to CEPEJ for the initiative and the trees planted for the preservation and restoration of the environment

Speaking at the event Chief (Comrade) Sheriff Mulade, encouraged all to protect the planted trees and preserve the ecosystem and trees from going extinct in support and celebration of the 2021 World Environment Day in June 5th 2021 with the theme: “Ecosystem Restoration.”