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Int’l Mother Language Day: CEPEJ Tasks Parents on Native Dialect Communication

The Centre for Peace and Environmental Justice in Warri Delta State (CEPEJ) joined the rest of the world to mark the World International Mother Language Day celebration.

The Center who urged parents to always communicate with their children in their native dialect , admonished Nigerians especially the youths to promote their mother tongue with inscribed words on placards that goes thus: “promote your mother's language, be proud of your mothers language, speak your language, your mothers tongue is your pride, express yourself with your mother’s language, say yes to your language, I love my language, teach your children your language, don’t be ashamed of your language , your language can protect you, your mother's language can save your life”.

In commemoration of the day held every 21st day of February with the sole aim to promote the awareness of Language and cultural diversity across the world, CEPEJ engaged in interactive session with some community people who were very proud to express themselves in their mother languages.

CEPEJ National Coordinator Comrade Sheriff Mulade, while speaking the Ijaw Language, his mother native dialect to mark the day reiterated that people should be proud of their languages thereby speaking it on a regular and also teach their children even the unborn as he observed that communications in native dialects is gradually fading away.

According to him,” it is only when we speak in our languages, teach our children, that is only how our language heritage can be protected and preserved for the future generations, so I encourage you all to speak your mother's tongue to preserve that God’s given natural language heritage"

Mr. Ebi Pubowei – Beninkrukru community representative while lauding the importance of the use of the mother’s language in communication said, “speaking your mother's language is an integral part of communication, it is very important to do so because our languages are fading away”.

CEPEJ members of staff, community members and all who were present at the event ground expressed themselves in their various mother’s languages i.e. Ijaw, Uroboh, Isoko, Itsekiri, Ukwuani, Igala, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Edo, Fulani and the Warri Pidgin Language etc. they were excited that such a day is set aside for such an important occasion as pledged to communicate and inculcate this beautiful cultural heritage to their children even to the unborn.

The Cooperate Admin/ Finance Manager, Mrs. Tina Agidi, on her part noted that mother language helps to build unity amongst people.

However, the Procurement Manager, Mr. Moruf Odekunle said, "this is the best heritage parents can imbibe to their children especially now that it is becoming elusive.

Also the ICT Manager, Mr. Olasupo Olatoke added that ‘our language is truly our pride because it enables one to express his or her self proficiently.

Also speaking, Program Manager Mr. Samuel Ideh said, "when I speak my language, I feel relaxed and the message is better understood".

The Secretary, Mrs. Ayibatari-Gow Ovuodo also said, " I love my language and I love speaking it, I am glad for a day like this. The program officer Environment, Mr. Doubra Patrick Boidifigha said ' the mother language is very good to be used because it can protect you from harm especially when there is crisis''.

On his part, Communication / Networking Officer, Mr. Daniel Tonfawei, said "we should be proud of our language an heritage we all need to hold dearly to our heart and it needs to be part of us because the messages are better understood because it speaks directly to the heart”.

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