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HIV and AIDS Scourge: NGO Warms Nigerians Against Stigmatization

The Center for Peace and Environmental Justice (CEPEJ) a non - governmental, non- profit making organization has expressed worry over the stigmatisation of HIV/AIDS patients in some parts of the country.

Speaking with newsmen at the Warri Office of CEPEJ, the National Coordinator of the NGO, Comrade Sheriff Mulade urged members of the public to stop stigmatising people living with HIV and AIDS, saying that the disease is now easy to manage.

Comrade Mulade said, statistically speaking, one is more likely to die from other ailments than HIV/AIDS because medications are getting better and patients are now living longer.

The Centre stressed the need for more awareness programmes in parts of the country to control the spread of the scourge.

It noted that only a few

treatment centres were available before now but currently the country has more than 300 centres for the control of the virus, and have been discharging their duties well through the collaboration of various State Ministries of Health and some State Agencies for the Control of AIDS.

Comrade Mulade explained that one of the main targets of government nationwide is to achieve zero infection but charged the Federal and State Governments to work together to set a timeline for achieving that goal.

The NGO urged the public to always go for tests to help patients receive adequate treatment from established centres, and

commended partners such as UN and others for their contributions towards fighting against HIV/AIDS.

CEPEJ commended the staff of the various centers for the control of the virus all over Nigeria, and for rendering proper and better services to HIV patients. It also commended some State Governors for granting approval for the creation of more centres that provide treatments for people living with the virus.

Comrade Mulade appealed to all Nigerians to continue to treat patients with love and care so that the freedom of living can be enjoyed.

CEPEJ is a not for profit and non-governmental organizational aimed at fighting for human and environmental justice.

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