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Nigeria 59th Independence anniversary

The Abuja Office of the Center for Peace and Environmental Justice, CEPEJ partnered with Hipcity Hub, Peace Talk with Mercy, campaign against Violent Elections, Peace FM Abuja, Toguna Foundation and Yes Project, to mark the Nation's 59th Independence anniversary.

The celebration took place at the Millennium Park Abuja with over 50 youths in attendance. Speaking on behalf of CEPEJ, the Programmes Manager, Abuja Office, Nafisat Amadu AbdulMalik congratulated participants for being independent citizens.

She also reawakened the spirit of positive thinking among the youths, noting that the current national challenges are stages which all developing countries pass through before achieving great heights like the developed nations. She also reminded the youths of the role of unity and peace in development.

Officials of the Center for Peace and Environmental Justice participated in singing along with partners and other attendees; the theme of the song "One Nigeria" to shows solidarity with the cause of unity irrespective of tribe and religious beliefs.

The celebration was rounded off with group photographs and the attendees were encouraged to participate in the upcoming CEPEJ national conference in November this year.

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