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Special Invitation to CEPEJ's 10th Annual Conference in Abuja

Kindly accept this as a special invitation to CEPEJ's 10th Annual Conference in Abuja with theme: "Corruption and Insecurity - Implications for development in Africa". The Conference is an annual event organized by CEPEJ to bring together stakeholders in development sectors nationally and internationally to deliberate upon issues mitigating growth of our country, states and communities as the case might be. This deliberation will then culminate into resolutions by the stakeholders present to tackle outlined issues head on in their respective capacities. 

This year's conference is special as the theme is one which affects every individual in  African continent and even globally by some level of margin. We hope that you will honour our invitation and participate in this conference and lead  your voice to the movement for a better Nigeria, a better Africa, a better world. 

Please see the invitation card attached for more information.

Also follow us on Twitter @cepejngo with #cepejconfabj2019 for updates.

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