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SSA Political Matters to Delta State Governor Host CEPEJ in Asaba

The Senior Special Assistant (S.S.A) on Political Matters to the Governor of Delta State, Hon. Hope George played host on Tuesday February 18, 2020 to the delegation of Center for Peace and Environmental Justice- CEPEJ in Asaba to discuss on CEPEJ proposed program on Peacebuilding and Economic Empowerment for youths across the 25 LGA’s of Delta State.

Hon. Hope George commended CEPEJ for the proposal to organize such a program which will help to take the youths out of the street and make them self-employed through economic empowerment that centers on the skills and agro-business. He said “I am truly impressed with this proposal by CEPEJ for youths in the 25 LGA’s, it will help to improve the lives of the youths and change their views towards violence and be self employed by developing skills through training. I believe if the youths in the 25 LGA’s avail themselves for the peacebuilding and economic empowerment program through sensitization and training by the NGO Delta State will be more peaceful, calm, violence and crisis free and conducive for all Deltans and investors.

The program is designed to help youths from the 25 LGA’s to curb violence by being trained on how to shun violence and crisis through peacebuilding and be trained on sustainable skills selected by individuals especially on agro entrepreneurship in the areas of agriculture such as fish farming, piggery, snail rearing, poultry etc and through Artisan skill acquisition in the field of barbing, hair dressing, tailoring, detergent making etc with aid of the economic empowerment.

On the aspect of collaboration, he said “no reasonable Deltan will see this kind of program for youth’s libration that will not want to embrace it, I am in support of it and willing to collaborate with CEPEJ “. He is also ready to introduce CEPEJ to other Agencies, Directorates and Offices in Government that will also support the program.

The visit was marked with the presentation of CEPEJ Newsletters, 2020 Calendars and a collaboration letter by CEPEJ delegation comprises of Mr. Daniel S. Tonfawei – Communication & Networking Officer who led the team , Mrs. Tina Agidi – Corporate Manager, Admin & Finance, Mr. Samuel Ideh – Program Manager, and Doubra Patrick Boidifigha - Program Officer, Environment.

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